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Are you a financial service provider that provides microcredit? Do you want to measure your social impact and improve client satisfaction? We invite you to sign up for the 2024 Microfinance Index!

The 60 Decibels Microfinance (MFI) Index is an annual effort to listen to microfinance clients at scale. Our approach to impact measurement enables financial service providers, investors, and sector players to measure, understand, and increase their impact on the people who matter most: your clients. 

Join 170+ financial service providers listening to their clients to scale their social impact.
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Why participate in the 2024 Microfinance Index 

Align with standard metrics

No more guessing what to measure! Our team of financial inclusion experts designed a survey that captures the most essential indicators to measure impact in microfinance.

Understand & benchmark your impact

We make sure to deliver results that are easy to understand, and act on. Our Benchmarks enable you to compare results with peer organizations in your region or county. 

Get high-quality data, easily 

Get customer insights without lifting a finger! Onboard and share customer contact details through our secure, online form. We take care of the rest!


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See what participants say about the index

"Insights from 60dB have enabled us to further customize our financial products, develop new customer-centric products and improve on our customer experience."

Robert Kiprotich - Marketing & Partnerships at Juhudi Kilimo

"[We like] 60 Decibels' adaptability of local context...conducting surveys in the local languages spoken by the clients of the organizations they work with."

Kaba Moïse Senghor - CEO at VisionFund Senegal

"La calidad del estudio, el alcance dentro del sector y que nos permite validar a lo interno nuestros propios indicadores."
"The quality of the study, the scope within the sector, allows us to internally validate our own indicators."

Christa Chávez — Manager of Social Impact, Genesis

Select Member Organizations (2023)

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